Cherry, flowering (Prunus)-Shothole borer

Scolytus rugulosus

Pest description and crop damage Small black beetles with antennae, legs, and tips of elytra cinnamon red. Normally attack sickly trees by boring into limbs. Also bore into buds of healthy trees.

Scouting and thresholds Entry holes and borer damage greatly affect marketability, action thresholds are very low. Prevention is key.

Management-cultural control

Burn prunings and keep trees vigorous. Borer attack usually indicates trees are unhealthy.

Management-chemical control


Apply materials to the trunk and larger limbs. Avoid contacting foliage. Apply generally in late spring or when adults are active.

For more information

Johnson, W.T. and H.H. Lyon (1991), Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs, 2nd ed., Cornell University Press (p. 250).