Additional Pesticide Information

Note: The table below is not a complete listing of websites containing additional information on pesticide use and safety. The presence or absence of a given website below does not constitute an endorsement of one website over another.

Website Information


Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS): A searchable database of print-on-demand pesticide labels including many SLN 24(c)

A searchable database of pesticides registered with the Idaho Dept. of Agriculture

NPIC (National Pesticide Information Center): A source of scientific, unbiased information

Pesticide Information Center On-Line (PICOL): A searchable database of Washington and Oregon registered pesticides


Pesticide toxicology information at EXTOXNET

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

A searchable database of pesticides registered with the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture

Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture

Washington State Dept. of Agriculture

Oregon State Dept. of Agriculture