Hemp Pests

Govinda Shrestha, Silvia I. Rondon, Richard Hilton, Tiziana Oppedisano, and D. Ira Thompson
Latest revision: 
March 2023

Includes management options for commercial use only.

In all cases, follow the instructions on the pesticide label. The PNW Insect Management Handbook has no legal status, whereas the pesticide label is a legal document. Read the product label before making any pesticide applications.

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There are limited chemical options for the control of pests in hemp. It is essential to consult pesticide labels for rates, timings, safety precautions, plant-back restrictions, etc. prior to making a recommendation or deciding on a treatment program. There are web resources available to search for labeled pesticides and to see specimen labels of products. One source can be found at https://picol.cahnrs.wsu.edu/ which is a database of all pesticides registered in Washington and Oregon. Copies of almost all pesticide labels can be found through the following sites.



In addition, these companies offer searchable databases of products and which pests and crops are on their labels. These web resources allow thorough research on pesticide products prior to making recommendations or treatment decisions.

For general information on hemp: