Dairy cattle-Scabies mite

Sarcoptes scabiei

Management-chemical control

  • calcium polysulfide dip or spray (Novasource Lime-Sulfur Solution; Rex Lime-Sulfur Solution)-Dilute 1 gal in 15 gal warm water. Dipping vats must be maintained at 95° to 105°F. Use mixture only once; retreat animals as needed every 12 days. Lime sulfur corrodes application equipment.
  • eprinomectin pour-on (Eprinex)-Apply at 1 ml/10 kg (22 lb) body weight. Apply along midline of back.
  • permethrin spray, concentrate (various manufacturers; 10%-40%)-Dilute in water as directed. Spray animal as directed. Typical application interval is 14 days, as needed, but follow label.