Onion Seed

diquat (Reglone)

see Preharvest Desiccation at end of this section

oxyfluorfen (Agristar 2E, Goal 2XL, Goal Tender and others)

Rate 0.125 lb ai/A

Time Apply postemergence to onions with at least three true leaves, and to weeds in the two- to four-leaf growth stage.

Remarks Multiple applications may be necessary to control late weed flushes; do not exceed 0.5 lb ai/A total per year. Do not mix with oils, surfactants, fertilizers, or other pesticides. Do not apply to onions under stress.

Site of action Group 14: protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibitor

Chemical family Diphenylether

quizalofop (Assure II, Targa and others)

Rate 0.069 to 0.17 lb ai/A (5 to 12 oz/A)

Time Apply at optimum growth stage listed on label.

Remarks Identify susceptible grasses and add 4 quarts crop oil concentrate or 1 quart nonionic surfactant/100 gal spray mix. Grass control may be reduced if applied immediately before or after applying a broadleaf herbicide.

Caution Do not mix with, or apply with, any other pesticide except as specified on label. Do not apply to plants stressed from lack of moisture, cold, or injury from herbicides, insects, or disease. Do not use any treated part of crop for food or feed. Do not exceed 25 oz/A per season. Rotation intervals up to 120 days for many crops.

Site of action Group 1: acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitor

Chemical family Aryloxyphenoxypropionate