Note Also see GRASS SEED-New and Established for herbicides that may be used on many species of grass grown for seed.

flufenacet + metribuzin (Axiom DF)

Idaho and Washington, and Oregon except for Jefferson County

Rate 0.267 to 0.31 lb ai/A flufenacet + 0.067 to 0.85 lb ai/A metribuzin (8 to 10 oz/A Axiom)

Time Apply before weeds emerge or no later than the two-leaf stage of volunteer grasses. Applications after mid-November may result in crop injury and/or poor weed control.

Remarks For established Timothy seed fields only (at least 1 year old or after first seed or hay harvest). Excessive straw on field may reduce weed control. Rain or irrigation after application is needed for sufficient weed control.

Caution Do not apply in tank-mixtures with diuron or postemergence herbicides. Do not apply to soils with less than 1.0% organic matter or to soils with a pH greater than 7.5 or severe crop injury may occur. Do not allow animals to graze treated fields following application. Preharvest interval is 120 days. Do not apply more than once per year.

Site of action (flufenacet) Group 15: inhibits very long chain fatty acid synthesis; (metribuzin) Group 5: photosystem II inhibitor

Chemical family (flufenacet) Oxyacetamide; (metribuzin) Triazinone

indaziflam (Alion Herbicide)

Rate 0.025 to 0.0375 lb ai/A (2.0 to 3.0 oz/A of Alion)

Time Apply to dry soil in established grass seed fields prior to any weed emergence before rain or irrigation.

Remarks For established timothy seed or hay fields.

Caution See Alion label for use precautions, use restrictions and hay harvest restrictions. Use the 3.0 oz rate only east of the Cascades. Use Alion only once (either at carbon-planting or once in an established stand) to minimize risk of herbicide carryover to subsequent rotational crops i.e., do not apply to established fields if Alion was used during the establishment phase (carbon-seeding) of the stand or late in the predicted life of the grass seed stand.

Site of action Group 29: inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis

Chemical family Fluoroalkyl triazine