Radish seed-Slug

Several species

Pest description and crop damage Mollusks that feed on foliage and leave slime trails.

Management-chemical control

  • metaldehyde baits (Lock Out, Slugger 4.0, Slugger Ultra, TKO the Knockout,Wilco Blue 4.0) at 5.0 to 20 lb/a every 14 to 21 days. Do not make more than four applications per season. In-furrow application at planting, or broadcast. Best results are obtained if applied in the evening and after irrigation or rain. Do not irrigate for 48 hr after application. This product is toxic to mollusks. Do not apply directly to water, do not contaminate surface water. No portion of treated plants can be used for food or feed. 24c SLNs: various metaldehyde baits registered as OR-140004A, B, C, D, and E (expire 12/31/23). Oregon only.

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