Pear-Western boxelder bug

Boisea rubrolineata

Pest description and crop damage Insects with piercing, sucking mouthparts. Feeding on fruit causes depressions. Boxelder bug adults are oval shaped, 0.5 inch in length, black with red lines. This insect is a minor pest but damage can occur in orchards located near riparian areas or where maple and boxelder trees are present.

Biology and life history These sucking bugs overwinter as adults and may migrate into orchards early in the season. Boxelder bugs are often associated with wooded riparian areas; maple and boxelder trees are favored hosts.

Pest monitoring Monitoring by limb tapping can aid in detection but fruit inspection is needed to determine if damage is occurring in the orchard.

Management-chemical control

Insecticides used for other true bug pear pests (e.g., lygus bugs and stink bugs) may be effective. Cultural controls for orchardist include removal of boxelder trees boarding orchards.