Nuisance and household pests-Wasp (yellowjacket)

Vespula spp.

Pest description and damage Bee-like insects with yellow and black, or white and black, bands on abdomen.


Some professionals in the PNW collect wasps to be used in the manufacture of allergy injections. Once a nest has been treated, it cannot be collected for this purpose. Before attempting to treat nests on your own, contact a pest control professional to inquire whether a collector is in your area. Wasp nests should be treated in evening when wasps are less active with a pesticide formulated specifically for wasp nests. Do not treat nests with any household chemicals or common fuels such as bleach, gasoline, or diesel; these products are more toxic than most labeled pesticides. Commercial pest control operators should be contracted to do this work if you are subject to severe reactions to wasp, hornet, or yellowjacket stings.

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Bees and Wasps. Washington State Department of Health.