Nuisance and household pests-Millipede


Julus spp.
Orthomorpha gracilis

Pest description and damage Millipedes vary in length up to 2 inches. They are dark, hard shelled, wormlike, and slender with many legs. They cause no damage in the home. Millipedes prefer moist conditions and feed on decaying organic matter. They may migrate into homes and become a nuisance.


Reduce moisture and organic matter from near building entrances. Trim shrubs to promote air circulation and drying near foundation. Reduce mulch thickness and watering schedules. Keep mulch at least 6 inches away from structures. Under wet conditions, millipedes may move toward foundation to avoid wet soil, and control may become difficult. When necessary, using a pesticide labeled for millipedes may help. Be sure to read and follow product label and cautions. Treatment should only be performed after excessive moisture and harborage conditions have been corrected. Products containing cyfluthrin or carbaryl are usually applied.