Field and silage corn-Mite

Tetranychus spp.

Pest description and crop damage Tiny eight-legged animals that feed on the lower surface of leaves. They cause yellowing and silvering of plants. They may cause early maturity and reduced quality. Usually they do not cause economic damage.

Management-chemical control

  • bifenthrin (Brigade 2EC) at 0.08 to 0.1 lb ai/a. PHI 30 days for grain harvest, grazing, or cutting for feed. REI 12 hr. Do not apply more than 0.3 lb ai/a per season.
  • bifenthrin/zeta-cypermethrin (Hero) at 0.1 lb ai/a. PHI 30 days grain and stover; 60 days forage. REI 12 hr. Do not graze for 30 days after treatment. Do not exceed 0.4 lb ai/a per season.
  • Chromobacterium subtsugae (Grandevo) at 0.6 to 0.9 lb ai/a per 100 gal. PHI 0 days. REI 4 hr. OMRI-listed for organic use.
  • dimethoate (Dimethoate 400) at 0.33 to 0.5 lb ai/a. PHI 14 days forage; 28 days grain. REI 48 hr. Do not exceed 0.5 lb ai/a per season. Do not use during pollen shed.
  • etoxazole (Zeal SC) at 0.045 to 0.135 lb ai/a. PHI 21 days. REI 12 hr. Retreatment interval 14 days. Limit 2 treatments per year. Do not exceed 0.27 lb ai/a per season.
  • hexythiazox (Onager) at 0.078 to 0.188 lb ai/a. PHI 30 days. REI 12 hr. One treatment per year.
  • phorate (Thimet 20G) at 0.056 to 0.075 lb ai/1,000 row ft, broadcast or banded but not in-furrow. PHI 30 days graze or forage. REI 48 hr. Limit 1 application per season.
  • propargite (Comite) at 1.64 to 2.46 lb ai/a. PHI 30 days. REI 13 days. Apply when corn leaves are dry. Use a minimum of 5 gallons spray solution per acre. One treatment per year.
  • propyleneglycol monolaurate (Acaritouch) at 12 to 25 oz/100 gal of formulated product. PHI 1 day. REI 4 hr.
  • spiromesifen (Oberon 2SC) at 0.09 to 0.25 lb ai/a. PHI 5 days for green forage and silage; 30 days for grain or stover. REI 12 hr. Apply with a minimum of 10 gallons by ground or 5 gallons by air. Limit 2 treatments per year. Do not exceed 0.27 lb ai/a per season. See label for chemigation.
  • sulfur at 6 to 15 lb ai/a for spider mite suppression. REI 24 hr.