Control of Problem Weeds

Enter a few letters of a weed name
Timothy Prather and Ed Peachey
March 2022

This section gives information about specific weeds that may be troublesome to control. Herbicides and/or rates listed cannot necessarily be used on cropland. Rates of application and restrictions vary depending on crop or site. Do not apply to a crop or site not listed on the label.

Non-cropland is greenspace where plants are not harvested by humans or animals for food, feed, or fiber; roadsides, for example.

Highly volatile esters of 2,4-D are not permitted. Low-volatile (LV) esters are restricted in some parts of Washington.

Caution This handbook is not intended to be a complete guide to herbicide use. Before using any chemical, read the label recommendations on the container. Before a chemical can be recommended for a specific use, it must be thoroughly tested. Following the recommendation on the manufacturer’s label can prevent many problems arising from the incorrect use of a chemical.