Mallow, Venice (Hibiscus trionum)

2,4-D (various products)
alachlor (Lasso) or
bentazon (Basagran) or
bromoxynil (Buctril) or
chlorsulfuron (Glean) or
dicamba (various products) or
glyphosate (Roundup) or
metribuzin (Sencor) or
oxyfluorfen (Goal) or
paraquat (Gramoxone Max) or
picloram (Tordon)

Remarks Reported to control this plant, although data are lacking in the Pacific Northwest. Follow label instructions.

Site of action (alachlor) Group 15: unknown; (bentazon and bromoxynil) Group 6: photosystem II inhibitor; (chlorsulfuron) Group 2: acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor; (dicamba and 2,4-D) Group 4: synthetic auxin; (glyphosate) Group 9: inhibits EPSP synthase; (metribuzin) Group 5: photosystem II inhibitor; (oxyfluorfen) Group 14: protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibitor; (paraquat) Group 22: photosystem I electron diverter

Chemical family (alachlor) chloroacetamide; (bentazon) benzothiadiazole; (bromoxynil) nitrile; (chlorsulfuron) sulfonylurea; (dicamba) benzoic acid; (2,4-D) phenoxy acetic acid; (glyphosate) none generally accepted; (metribuzin) triazine; (oxyfluorfen) diphenylether; (paraquat) bipyridilium