Authors and Contributors


Oregon State University

Barroso, Judit – Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center; Pendleton, Oregon (Spring Wheat, Chemical Fallow, Canola)

Bouska, Cassie – Coos & Curry County Extension; Myrtle Point, Oregon (Cranberry)

Felix, Joel – Malheur Experiment Station; Ontario, Oregon (Corn and Onion)

Hulting, Andrew – Crop and Soil Science Department; Corvallis, Oregon (Restricted-use Herbicides, Winter Wheat West of the Cascades, Grass Seed, Clover Seed, Camelina, Flax, Small Pasture, Conservation Reserve Program)

Kowalewski, Alec – Horticulture Department; Corvallis, Oregon (Turfgrass)

Landgren, Chal – North Willamette Research and Extension Center; Aurora, Oregon (Christmas Trees, Forestry)

Moretti, Marcelo – Horticulture Department; Corvallis, Oregon (Tree Fruits and Nuts; Vineyard and Grape; Blueberry; Blackberry and Raspberry; Strawberry)

Nackley, Lloyd – North Willamette Research and Extension Center; Aurora, Oregon (Nursery)

Peachey, Ed – Horticulture Department; Corvallis, Oregon (Sweet Corn, Vegetables and Vegetable Seed, CRP, Landscape and Garden, Restoration, Problem Weeds, Professional Landscape Maintenance, Vineyard and Grape, Cottonwoods)

Spring, John – Central Oregon Agriculture Research and Extension Center; Madras, Oregon (Pasture and Rangeland, Kentucky Bluegrass)

Withrow-Robinson, Brad – Benton County Extension; Corvallis, Oregon (Restoration)

Verhoeven, Elizabeth – Marion County Extension; Salem, Oregon (Mint)

Other Oregon Contributors

Kelpsas, Bruce – Corvallis, Oregon (Forestry)

Price, Joel – Oregon Dept. of Agriculture; Salem, Oregon (Biological Control)


Washington State University

Andreas, Jennifer – Integrated Weed Control Project, WSU Extension; Puyallup, Washington (Biological Control)

Bomberger, Rachel Ann – Pesticide Resources and Education, Department of Entomology; Pullman, Washington (Handbook Review)

Lyon, Drew – Department of Crop and Soil Sciences; Pullman, Washington (Barley, Dry and Winter Pea, Garbanzo Bean, Lentil, Winter Wheat East of the Cascades)


University of Idaho

Adjesiwor, Albert – Department of Plant Sciences; Kimberly, Idaho (Oats, Dry Beans, Sugar Beets)

Hirnyck, Ronda – District II Extension; Boise, Idaho (Pesticide Safety)

Hutchinson, Pamela – Department of Plant Sciences; Aberdeen, Idaho (Potato)

Prather, Timothy – Department of Plant Sciences; Moscow, Idaho (Alfalfa Seed, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Clover Seed, Control of Problem Weeds, Forage Alfalfa, Grass Hay, Noncropland, Pasture and Rangeland)

Other Idaho Contributors

Milan, Joseph – USDI-BLM and Idaho State Department of Agriculture; Boise, Idaho (Biological Control)

Randall, Carol – USDA-USFS, Northern and Intermountain Regions; Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (Biological Control)


Madsen, John – US Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Invasive Species and Pollinator Health Research Unit; Davis, California (Aquatic Weed Management)