Authors and Contributors


Oregon State University

Barroso, Judit – Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center; Pendleton, Oregon. (Spring Wheat, Chemical Fallow, Canola)

Bouska, Cassie – Coos & Curry County Extension; Oregon State University, Myrtle Point, Oregon. (Cranberry)

Felix, Joel – Malheur Experiment Station; Ontario, Oregon. (Corn, Onion, and Sugarbeet)

Hulting, Andrew – Crop and Soil Science Department; Corvallis, Oregon. (Restricted-use Herbicides, Winter Wheat West of the Cascades, Grass Seed, Clover Seed, Camelina, Small Pasture, Conservation Reserve Program)

Kowalewski, Alec – Horticulture Department; Corvallis, Oregon. (Turfgrass)

Landgren, Chal – North Willamette Research and Extension Center; Aurora, Oregon. (Christmas Trees, Forestry)

Moretti, Marcelo – Horticulture Department; Corvallis, Oregon. (Tree Fruits and Nuts; Vineyard and Grape; Blueberry; Blackberry and Raspberry; Strawberry)

Nackley, Lloyd – North Willamette Research and Extension Center; Aurora, Oregon. (Nursery)

Peachey, Ed – Horticulture Department; Corvallis, Oregon. (Sweet Corn, Christmas Trees, Vegetables and Seed, Landscape and Garden, Nursery and Greenhouse, Restoration, Professional Landscape Maintenance, Home)

Roerig, Kyle – Crop and Soil Science Department; Corvallis, Oregon. (Flax)

Withrow-Robinson, Brad – Benton County Extension; Corvallis, Oregon. (Restoration)

Verhoeven, Elizabeth – Marion County Extension; Salem, Oregon. (Mint)

Other Oregon Contributors

Kelpsas, Bruce – Corvallis, Oregon. (Forestry)

Markham, Susan Aldrich – Salem, Oregon. (Problem Weeds)

Price, Joel – Oregon Dept. of Agriculture; Salem, Oregon.
(Biological Control)


Washington State University

Andreas, Jennifer – Integrated Weed Control Project, WSU Extension. (Biological Control)

Daniels, Catherine – Washington State Pest Management Resource Service; Puyallup, Washington. (Handbook Review)

Lyon, Drew – Department of Crop and Soil Sciences; Pullman, Washington. (Barley, Dry and Winter Pea, Garbanzo Bean, Lentil, Winter Wheat East of the Cascades)

Patten, Kim – Emeritus, Research and Extension Unit; Long Beach, Washington. (Aquatic Weeds)

Other Washington Contributors

Boydston, Rick – Emeritus, USDA; Prosser, Washington. (Asparagus, Hop)


University of Idaho

Hirnyck, Ronda – District II Extension; Boise, Idaho. (Pesticide Safety)

Hutchinson, Pamela – Department of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences; Aberdeen, Idaho. (Potato)

Morishita, Don – Emeritus, Department of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences; Kimberly, Idaho. (Oats)

Prather, Timothy – Department of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences; Moscow, Idaho. (Alfalfa Seed, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Clover Seed, Control of Problem Weeds, Forage Alfalfa, Grass Hay, Noncropland, Pasture and Rangeland)

Other Idaho Contributors

Milan, Joseph – USDI-BLM and Idaho State Department of Agriculture; Boise, Idaho. (Biological Control)

Randall, Carol – USDA-USFS, Northern and Intermountain Regions; Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. (Biological Control)


Special thanks to John Madsen of USDA ARS Exotic and Invasive Weed Research Unit in Davis, California, for his contribution to the aquatic weed section.

Appreciation is extended to Crop Data Management Systems, Inc. (CDMS), Marysville, California, for free use of their extended search engine.

Publication of this handbook is made possible in part through support of the Integrated Plant Protection Center at
Oregon State University:


Janet Donnelly, Extension and Experiment Station Communications, Oregon State University.

Larry Beutler, Copy/Production Editor; Portland, Oregon.