Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds

diuron (Karmex or Direx)

Rate 1.2 to 1.6 lb ai/a (1.5 to 2 lb/a of the 80% DF)

Time Apply as soon after drill planting as possible, but before barley emerges.

Remarks For use in western Oregon and western Washington in winter barley. Make a single application of 1.5 to 2 lb/a as soon as possible, but before barley emergence. A smooth, moist seedbed and moisture after treatment will enhance weed control. REI 12 hr.

Caution Unless otherwise directed, do not use on spring barley. Do not replant treated areas to any crop within 1 year after the last application because injury to the subsequent crop may result.

Site of action Group 7: photosystem II inhibitor

Chemical family Substituted urea

metribuzin (various trade names)

Rate 0.75 to 8 oz ai/a (1 to 10.66 oz/a of the 75DF or 1.5 to 16 fl oz/a of the 4F)

Time Apply low rates (0.75 to 3 oz ai/a) when barley is in two-leaf to four-tiller growth stage. Apply 3 to 8 oz ai/a when barley has more than four tillers and secondary roots are longer than 1 inch, but before jointing growth stage.

Remarks May be used on spring and winter barley. Best control is on weeds less than 2 inches tall. Do not apply more than 8 oz ai/a in 1 year. Application rate also depends on organic matter content. If applying sequentially, allow at least 21 days between applications. At least 0.5 inch rain or irrigation is required within 2 to 3 weeks after application to move metribuzin into weed root zone. See label for more specific information. REI 12 hr.

Caution Certain barley varieties should not be treated with metribuzin (refer to label). On irrigated cereals, do not apply more than 0.5 inch water for the first irrigation; in each additional irrigation, do not exceed 1 inch. Allow at least 14 days between the first and subsequent irrigations. Do not use on soils containing less than 0.75% organic matter. Do not rotate to wheat, barley, alfalfa or seed corn in the fall of the year following application, or in the spring of the following year. Do not apply through any irrigation system. Crop injury may occur if metribuzin is applied to frozen soil or crop is still in winter dormancy.

Site of action Group 5: photosystem II inhibitor

Chemical family Triazinone

pinoxaden + fluroxypyr (Axial Star)

Rate 0.054 lb ai/a pinoxaden and 0.093 ae/a fluroxypyr (16.4 fl oz/a Axial Star 1.15 EC)

Time Apply from the two-leaf to pre-boot stage

Remarks Apply to actively growing weeds. Axial Star may be tank mixed with several different broadleaf herbicides. Refer to the Axial Star label for the recommended list of broadleaf herbicides. Axial Star is rainfast 1 hr after application. Make one application per season. REI 48 hr.

Caution Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Do not apply to a crop that is stressed by conditions such as frost, low fertility, drought, flooding, disease damage, or insect damage or crop injury may result. Do not harvest grain or feed treated barley straw for 60 days following application. Do not graze livestock or harvest forage for hay from treated barley for 30 days after application.

Site of action (pinoxaden) Group 1: acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitor; (fluroxypyr) Group 4: Synthetic auxin

Chemical family (pinoxaden) Phenylpyrazolin; (fluroxypyr) Pyridine