Clover seed-Red clover casebearer moth

Coleophora deauratella

Pest description and crop damage Shiny metallic adult moths are about 9 mm long. The larvae overwinter inside a cigar-like case within residue in a field and pupate inside of the case on the ground surface. Adults emerge in early summer to mate and white eggs are laid on the calyx of florets. Hatched larvae enter florets to feed, then move between florets by chewing holes through corolla, eventually causing feeding damage to pods and developing seeds. Moths usually are active in clover fields June through mid-August and can be found flying at dawn.

Management-cultural control

Cutting/removing red clover silage in late May/early July appears to disrupt lifecycle and helps prevent damage to seeds during bloom and seed fill period.

Management-chemical control

No labeled insecticides are known to be effective.