Sagebrush, big (Artemisia tridentata)

2,4-D LV ester

Rate 2 lb ae/a

Time Timing is critical for effective control. Apply during active sagebrush growth in spring when Sandberg bluegrass flowers, phloxes are forming seed, and larkspur is flowering near stem top.

Remarks Soil moisture should be above wilting coefficient. Use oil (no lower than No. 2 diesel) for aerial application. If water is used as a carrier, add a wetting agent.

Caution Avoid drift to sensitive crops.

Site of action Group 4: synthetic auxin

Chemical family Phenoxy acetic acid

tebuthiuron (Spike 20P)

Rate 0.1 to 1 lb ai/a (1 to 5 lb/a), depending on soil type and organic matter, or degree of control desired

Time Apply in fall east of the Cascades.

Remarks Lower rates used to reduce canopy cover. Grass may be temporarily injured. May take more than 1 year to show complete effects. No grazing restrictions.

Caution Do not apply to frozen soil. Spike will kill trees, shrubs, and some other desirable vegetation with roots extending into treated area. Consult label for precautions.

Site of action Group 7: Photosystem II inhibitor

Chemical family Substituted urea