Larkspur, tall or duncecap (Delphinium occidentale)

picloram (Tordon)

Rate 1 lb ae/a

Time Apply to actively growing plants from flower stalk formation to early seed development.

Remarks Poisonous plant.

Caution Most formulations are restricted-use herbicides. Do not graze until plants have dried up after spray application. Refer to label for grazing restrictions. Do not contaminate water. Potatoes, beans, and many other crops are very sensitive to picloram. Do not use in diversified cropping areas. For rates exceeding 0.5 lb ae/a (1 quart/a), apply only as a spot treatment not to exceed 25% of an owner's acreage in a particular watershed in a single season.

Site of action Group 4: synthetic auxin

Chemical family Pyridine