Blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides)

Remarks Fenoxaprop, flufenacet, pendimethalin, pinoxaden, pyroxulam, and triallate are used in cereal crops. Grass herbicides (clethodim, fluazifop, quizalofop, and sethoxydim) and glyphosate may also be effective. See specific crop section for these herbicides in cropland recommendations.

Site of action (clethodim, fenoxaprop, fluazifop, pinoxaden, quizalofop, sethoxydim) Group 1: acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitors; (pyroxulam) Group 2: acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor; (pendimethalin) Group 3: microtubule assembly inhibitor; (triallate) Group 8: lipid synthesis inhibitor (not ACCase); (glyphosate) Group 9: inhibits EPSP synthase; (flufenacet) Group 15: inhibits very long chain fatty acids

Chemical family (clethodim, sethoxydim) cyclohexanedione; (fenoxaprop, fluazifop, quizalofop) aryloxyphenoxy propionate; (flufenacet) oxyacetamide; (glyphosate) none generally accepted; (pendimethalin) dinitroaniline; (pinoxaden) phenylpyrazolin; (pyroxulam) triazolopyrimidine sulfonamide; (triallate) thiocarbamate