Trade name(s) Goal, Galigan, GoalTender, Oxiflo

Manufacturer(s) Corteva, ADAMA

Formulation(s) 2 and 4 lb/gal emulsifiable concentrate or flowable

Remarks Selective preemergence and postemergence control for grass and broadleaf weeds in several horticultural and agronomic crops. A contact herbicide; requires light for herbicidal activity.

Water solubility 0.1 ppm

Storage conditions Store above freezing.

Acute toxicity LD50 - 5,000 mg/kg

Action in plant Acts as a contact-type herbicide.

Site of action Group 14: protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibitor

Chemical family Diphenylether

Koc Average is 100,000 mL/g (estimated)