Trade name(s) Eptam, Eradicane (EPTC plus safener)

Manufacturer(s) Gowan

Formulation(s) 6, 6.7, and 7 lb/gal emulsifiable concentrates,10% granule

Remarks A selective, thiocarbamate herbicide applied preplant and soil incorporated. Must be incorporated immediately after application due to volatility. EPTC is absorbed by the shoots of emerging weed seedlings. Eradicane is used for corn.

Water solubility 370 ppm

Storage conditions Store above -50°F and below moderately warm temperatures. If frozen, roll container to mix.

Acute toxicity LD50 - 1,652 mg/kg

Action in plant Inhibits shoot growth.

Site of action Group 8: lipid synthesis inhibitor but not an ACCase inhibitor

Chemical family Thiocarbamate

Koc Average is 200 mL/g , but ranges from 170 to 280 mL/g