Endothall (restricted-use herbicide)

Trade name(s) Aquathol, Aquathol K, Hydrothol 191, Des-l-Cate, Accelerate

Manufacturer(s) United Phosphorus, Inc.

Formulation(s) 0.52, 2, and 3 lb/gal soluble concentrates and 7.2 to 44.7% granules, formulated as dipotassium salt and as a number of amine salts.

Remarks Used in sugar beets and turf, as an aquatic herbicide, and as a preharvest desiccant. Irritates skin and eyes. In water it generally breaks down within 10 days.

Water solubility 100,000 ppm

Storage conditions Store above 32°F. If frozen, warm and agitate.

Acute toxicity LD50 - 182 mg/kg

Action in plant Specific action unknown; disrupts cell membranes.

Site of action Not well understood

Chemical family None generally recognized

Koc Average is 20 mL/g (estimated) at pH 7. Ranges from 110-138 mL/g at pH 7.8