Diquat (a moderately toxic herbicide that requires protective gear for handling and application)

Trade name(s) Diquat Herbicide, Reward, Reglone

Manufacturer(s) Syngenta

Formulation(s) 2 lb water-soluble cation/gal (3.73 lb/gal salt). Cation portion of the molecule is the active ingredient.

Remarks A fast-acting, nonselective, foliar-applied, contact herbicide and plant desiccant. Material is slightly translocated. It is completely inactivated on contact with soil. Using a surfactant enhances its activity.

Water solubility 700,000 ppm

Storage conditions Store above 32°F.

Acute toxicity LD50 - 125 mg/kg for mouse.

Action in plant Acts as contact. Absorbs energy produced by photosynthesis; forms peroxides that disrupt living cells.

Site of action Group 22: photosystem I electron diversion

Chemical family Bipyridilium

Koc Average is 1,000,000 mL/g (estimated)