Honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.)-Yellow Vein

Cause Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus (HYVMV) and Honeysuckle yellow vein virus (HYVV) have been isolated from Japanese honeysuckle showing yellow vein symptoms. Both viruses have a monopartite DNA genome, and are transmitted in a persistent manner by whiteflies. These viruses have been reported infecting tomato in Korea and Japan. Japanese honeysuckle cultivars such as Gold Net and Yellow Net show yellow vein symptoms and are assumed infected with one or both viruses.

Symptoms HYVMV causes yellowing of main and small veins followed by a mosaic pattern. HYVV causes yellow net symptoms accompanied by small, elliptical-shaped enations on the underside of the leaves.

Cultural control None may be desired but the easiest method would be to avoid purchase of plants with symptoms.

Reference Valverde, R.A., Sabanadzovic, S., and Hammond, J. 2012. Viruses that enhance the aesthetics of some ornamental plants: Beauty or beast? Plant Disease 96:600-611.