Pronamide (restricted-use herbicide)

Trade name(s) Kerb, Willowood Pronamide

Manufacturer(s) Corteva, Willowood

Formulation(s) Soluble concentrate (SC) 3.3 lb ai/gal, 50% wettable powder

Remarks A selective herbicide to control annual and perennial grasses. For postemergence activity, pronamide must move into the root zone. There is little foliar uptake. Apply when temperature is below 55°F to reduce microorganism degradation.

Water solubility 15 ppm

Storage conditions Store between 32° and 122°F under dry conditions. Do not remove package from original container except for immediate use.

Acute toxicity LD50 - 5,620 mg/kg

Action in plant Inhibits mitosis.

Site of action Group 3: microtubule assembly inhibitor

Chemical family Benzamide

Koc Average is 800 mL/g