Spinach seed-Aphid

Bean aphid (Aphis fabae)
Green peach aphid (
Myzus persicae)
Melon aphid (
Aphid gossypii)

Pest description and crop damage Bean aphids are black and colonize foliage. Green peach aphids are yellowish pink to pale green with a large, distinct blotch on top of the abdomen. Melon aphids are small and yellowish to dull green; pale forms have dark mottlings.

Management-chemical control

  • azadirachtin (Neemix 4.5) at 5 to 7 fl oz/A (0.016 to 0.022 lb ai/A). For use on crops grown in a greenhouse for transplants, apply at 10 to 16 fl oz/A (0.031 to 0.049 lb ai/A). PHI 0 days. REI 4 hr. Begin applications at first sign of infestation. Multiple applications and thorough coverage are necessary for effective control. Apply every 7 to 10 days as needed. This botanical pesticide acts slowly. Spray early, well before harvest, and check for effect. Some formulations are OMRI-listed for organic use.
  • pymetrozine (Fulfill) at 2.75 oz/A (0.086 lb ai/A) when aphids first appear. Do not apply more than 5.5 oz/A (0.172 lb ai/A) per crop per year. Allow a minimum of 7 days between applications. PHI 14 days. REI 12 hr. Use a minimum of 5 gal water/A when applied by air and a minimum of 10 gal water/A when applied by ground. Pollinator protection: when crops or weeds are in bloom, apply only when bees are not foraging (between 6 pm and 7 am). Washington only. SLN WA-190003 for Adama Fulfill products (expires 12/31/2024)

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