Monocarbamide dihydrogensulfate

Trade name(s) Superquik

Manufacturer(s) Entek Corp.

Formulation(s) 79% per gal liquid.

Remarks Corrodes nylon, aluminum, and any copper alloy such as brass. Do not use pumps or fittings containing nylon, mild steel, aluminum, brass, leather, or natural rubber. Non-nylon plastic and 316-L stainless steel are recommended for application equipment.

Water solubility Very soluble

Storage conditions Store between 32° and 176°F.

Hazards Corrosive to eyes and skin. Superquik can attack cotton, nylon, and leather clothing. Do not mix with nitrogen fertilizer; mixtures may explode.

Action in plant Contact and disrupts all membranes.

Site of action Plant cells

Chemical family Inorganic