Alkali bee-Less-significant parasites

Humpbacked fly: Phalacrotophora halictorum

Robber flies: Promachus aldrichii and P. nigripes, Diogmites grossus, and Proctacanthus milbertii

Picturewinged flies: Euxesta rubida and E. scutellaris

Cuckoo bees: Nomada suavis and Triepeolous spp.

Velvet ant: Dasymutilla spp.

Tiphiid wasp: Myrmosula spp.

Wedgeshaped beetle: Ripiphorus solidaginis

Management These pests do not require control.

For more information:

C. Johansen, D. Mayer, A. Stanford, C. Kious. 1982. Alkali Bees: Their Biology and Management for Alfalfa Seed Production in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State University. A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication (15-23)