Activated Carbon Band Planting System

activated carbon

Oregon and Washington only

Rate 25 lb/A in a 1-inch band (equal to a 300 lb/A broadcast application)

Time At planting.

Remarks Apply to smooth, crop residue-free seedbeds. A spray unit on a 12-inch drill applying a slurry band 1 inch wide directly over the seeded row works well. Use proper agitation to keep the carbon in suspension. Mix activated carbon with water at 0.5 lb/gal. Follow carbon application with diuron application (see entry immediately below).

diuron (several trade names)

Oregon and Washington only

Rate 2 to 2.4 lb ai/A (2.5 to 3 lb/A of an 80DF formulation)

Time Apply after planting but before rain or irrigation.

Remarks Oregon and Washington registrations. Not registered in Idaho. Broadcast immediately after planting and banding with activated carbon. Use lower rate in sandy soils. At least 1 inch of moisture is required within 2 weeks after applying diuron to activate herbicide and move it into the soil profile. Diuron is not strongly photodegraded, but losses can be significant if diuron remains on the soil surface for several weeks without significant moisture during hot and dry planting conditions.

Caution Do not use this system in grass seed rotations that will be replanted to any crop within 2 years because these rotational crops may be injured. Diuron will not control volunteer winter cereals, wild oat, or downy brome.

Site of action Group 7: photosystem II inhibitor

Chemical family Substituted urea