Harvest Aid

paraquat (Gramoxone Inteon, Parazone 3L)


Time Apply after seed harvest when crop is dormant, before spring growth starts.

Remarks Use 20 gal/a or more of water carrier for ground application. Paraquat is a contact herbicide. Combining with one of the residual herbicides usually gives knockdown plus residual control. SLN labels for Gramoxone and Parazone for OR (120014, 140009, 180005), and WA (120009, 130011, 180003).

Caution A restricted-use herbicide. Do not pasture animals in treated fields. Do not graze, cut, or harvest within 42 days of application. Do not apply more than once per season. Follow safety precautions on the labels.

Site of action Group 22: photosystem I electron diversion

Chemical family Bipyridilium