Trade name(s) Scythe

Manufacturer(s) Dow AgroSciences

Formulation(s) 4.2 lb/gal emulsifiable concentrate

Remarks A contact, nonselective, broad-spectrum, foliar-applied herbicide. Nonsystemic and no soil residual.

Water solubility Emulsifiable

Acute toxicity LD50 - greater than 5,000 mg/kg (low toxicity)

Action in plant Control or burndown of a broad spectrum of weeds on contact.

Site of action Group 26: unknown

Chemical family Carboxylic acid


Rick Boydston
Revised March 2016

Seedbeds and Early Establishment

See “Section N. Vegetable Crops: Site Preparation, Stale Seedbeds, and Selective Postemergence Applications” for additional options for weed control during asparagus establishment.

clethodim (several trade names)

Rate 0.07 to 0.12 lb ai/A


Joe DeFrancesco
Revised March 2016

Weed and Vegetation Management

General strategy The type of vine support structure and the method of irrigation influence weed management. Shade from pergolas reduces light available for weed germination and growth. A T-bar trellis may facilitate growth of perennial sods or winter cover crops between the kiwi rows for soil conservation. Drip irrigation reduces weed germination and growth within rows and in aisles. Minimize weed competition and interference within rows.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Joe DeFrancesco
Revised March 2016

Boysenberry; Loganberry; blackberries (Marion, Evergreen and other cultivars);and red and black raspberries

Site Preparation

glyphosate (numerous product names)

Rate Consult labels


Rick Boydston
Revised March 2016

Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds in New Plantings and Established Crop

napropamide (Devrinol 50 DF, Devrinol DF-XT, Devrinol 2XT, Devrinol 10G)

Rate 4 lb ai/A (8 lb/A of 50% products)


Rick Boydston
Revised March 2016

Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds

dimethenamid-P (Outlook)

Rate 0.56 to 1 lb ai/A (12-18 oz/A product on coarse soils, 14-21 fl oz/A product on medium and fine soils).

Clover Seed

Andrew Hulting
Revised March 2016


benefin (Balan DF)

Rate 1.2 to 1.5 lb ai/A (2 to 2.5 lb/A Balan DF)

Time Before planting clover, benefin must be incorporated into the top 2 to 3 inches of the seedbed.


Gwen Stahnke
Revised March 2016

Influence of Cultural Practices on Weed Encroachment

Poor turf culture is a major reason for weedy lawns. Any effort to control weeds in turf should start with improving cultural practices. One goal of cultural weed control is to maximize turf density and maintain healthy, disease-free turf for a major part of every year. Some of the most important cultural practices are discussed below.

Agrichemicals and Their Properties

Ed Peachey, Tim Miller, and Andy Hulting
Revised March 2016

This information provides specifications for users of this handbook. For more information regarding the physiological or biochemical activity and behavior in or on soils, refer to the Herbicide Handbook of the Weed Science Society of America.

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