Trade name(s) Raptor, Beyond, Clearcast

Manufacturer(s) BASF

Formulation(s) 1 lb/gal emulsifiable concentrate

Remarks An adjuvant and fertilizer are required for maximum weed control. Activity similar to imazethapyr, with shorter soil residual.

Water solubility Miscible

Storage conditions Do not store below 32°F.

Acute toxicity LD50 - greater than 5,000 mg/kg

Action in plant Inhibits the plant enzyme acetolactate synthase.

Site of action Group 2: acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor

Chemical family Imidazolinone

Leaf Crops

Ed Peachey
Revised March 2014

Crop groups 4A, 2, and 19

Leafy Greens Subgroup 4A:

Lettuce, endive (escarole), spinach, New Zealand spinach, Swiss chard, and arugula

Leaves of Root and Tuber Vegetables Group 2


Herbs Group 19

Cilantro (Coriander), dill, fennel, and parsley

LEAF CROPS—General Weed Management Strategy

Beans (Snap)

Ed Peachey
Revised March 2014

BEANS, SNAP—General Weed Management Strategy

According to USDA standards and processor quality control, harvested beans must be free of nightshade berries, Canada thistle buds, pigweed stems, and mustard pods. Crop rotations, close row spacings, early season weed control, and cultivation (except in rocky or clod soils) are combined with herbicides to minimize weed competition and contamination of product.

BEANS, SNAP—Site Preparation, and Stale Seedbeds

Canola (including Rape Seed)

Don Wysocki
Revised March 2014

CANOLA—Annual Grass and Some Broadleaf Weeds

ethalfluralin (Sonalan)

Rate 0.55 to 0.95 lb ai/A (5.5 to 9.5 lbs/A Sonalan 10G); 0.56 to 0.938 lb ai/A (1.5 to 2.5 pints/A Sonalan HFP)

Time Apply preplant and incorporate following label instructions.

Clover Seed

Andrew Hulting
Revised December 2013

CLOVERS—Red, White, Crimson, and Arrowleaf


benefin (Balan DF)

Rate 1.2 to 1.5 lb ai/A (2 to 2.5 lb/A Balan DF)

Time Before planting clover, benefin must be incorporated into the top 2 to 3 inches of the seedbed.

Alfalfa Seed

Tim Prather
Revised June 2014

Note Several herbicides labeled for alfalfa grown for seed are not registered for alfalfa grown for forage.

ALFALFA SEED—Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds in New Seedings

benefin (Balan 60 DF)

Rate 1.2 to 1.5 lb ai/A (2 to 2.5 lb/A)

Forage Alfalfa

Tim Prather
Revised June 2014

FORAGE ALFALFA—Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds in Establishing New Seedings

benefin (Balan DF)

Rate 1.2 to 1.5 lb ai/A (2 to 2.5 lb/A)

Time Apply to a clean, clod-free soil surface before planting, and incorporate 2 to 3 inches deep within 4 hours after application.

Spring Wheat

Don Morishita and Drew Lyon
Revised June 2014

SPRING WHEAT—Preplant and Preemergence Weed Control

carfentrazone (Aim)

Rate 0.008 to 0.031 lb ai/A (0.5 to 2 fl oz Aim EC)

Time Apply before, during, or after grain has been planted.

Winter Wheat-West of the Cascades

Andrew Hulting
Revised September 2013

WINTER WHEAT—West of the Cascades—Preplant Broadleaf and Grass Weed Control

flumioxazin (Valor)

Rate 0.0637 lb ai/A (2.0 oz/A Valor)

Winter Wheat-Nonirrigated East of the Cascades

Drew Lyon
Revised March 2014

WINTER WHEAT—Nonirrigated, East of the Cascades—Downy Brome

flufenacet + metribuzin (Axiom DF)

Suppression only

Rate 0.136 to 0.34 lb/A flufenacet and 0.034 to 0.085 lb/A metribuzin (4 to 10 oz/A Axiom DF)

Time Apply from wheat germination to the two-leaf growth stage.

Peas (Dry)

Drew Lyon
Revised March 2014

PEAS, DRY—Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds

Preplant incorporated

ethalfluralin (Sonalan)

Rate 0.56 to 0.75 lb ai/A (1.5 to 2 pints/A Sonalan HFP)

Time Apply preplant and incorporate by following label instructions.

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